Final Kingdom Thoughts (Maybe…)

March 13, 2016 by jennifer

picjumbo.com_HNCK4432While writing this series, one of our Pastors retold a story by Clinton White about a criminal who was saved. It’s different than the direction I went with my story, but it’s still the same thought process. I’m adding a link here in case you are interested in reading it. It’s the first 3.5 pages of Pastor Bopp’s Sermon from March 6, 2016.

He Loves Me; He Loves Me Not

Audio Version

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Kingdom Struggles

March 8, 2016 by jennifer

Sometimes there are people in the Kingdom that choose to not follow the King. They do what they want. They live in the kingdom but are not children of the King. Or they don’t get why you do all you can to serve the King.

There are others that have been adopted by the King but are not living as children of the King, OR they are not taking advantage of ALL the gifts and blessings that the King provides to them!

Some feel like you’re taking your service/devotion to the King too seriously and don’t think that you have to do all you do for the

A heart that continues to remember all that the King has done will be grateful for what for what one has been given. This may look different to one person than to another, but joy flows out of the sacrifice or extra quality of service. Also, the more you serve the King, the more blessings that will follow. Not necessarily in possessions or fame, but in peace, love, and joy.

English Standard Version Luke 16:10
“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much, and one who is dishonest in a very little is also dishonest in much.”

My challenge is this: Do not grow weary. Serve the Father King with ALL that is in you. Accept His MANY blessings. Do the tasks He requires of YOU even if others don’t care or are not called to the same. This love, dedication, and responsibility will pay off!

Let those that are closest to you see the love of the Father and the change that occurs.

Part 1  From Peasant to Princess

Part 2  My Daddy’s Kingdom

Part 3  More on Livin’ in the Kingsom


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More on Livin’ in the Kingdom

March 2, 2016 by jennifer

So I’m living my life in the Kingdom for my Father the King, and then I come across something I can’t do. I may need help, wisdom, or resources.

picjumbo.com_HNCK4484If I need wisdom, the Holy Spirit comes over for a chat. He is willing to share His wisdom and advice about anything – when asked. Marriage, health, teaching the kids, jobs, childcare, friendships…

If the situation is something that requires more than faith to accomplish, then the issue is presented to the King as a petition for help. And Jesus takes it to Him! The King decides if we should have extra help at this time (healing, extra cash for a repair, time to bless others, help completing a task…).  Sometimes the King says yes and gives us exactly what we asked for immediately.

Sometimes He says no to teach us  to trust Him more and to rely on Him. Or because what we ask for is not what we actually need.

Sometimes He says wait because it’s not the right time for some reason. Maybe something else has to happen first.

My life in the Kingdom is a sacrifice to anything my King wants! I can say this because I know I can trust Him and I know that He loves me! His plan is the best. (Romans 12:1)

May I be transformed. May my mind be renewed more and more each day so that others may see the perfect will of God. (Romans 12:2)

Click here if you missed part one or part two of living in this Kingdom.

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My Daddy’s Kingdom

February 22, 2016 by jennifer

I was going to title this “My New Kingdom.” But it’s not MY kingdom; it is the kingdom that I live in. It’s my Daddy’s Kingdom.  (What kingdom am I talking about? See here!)

The King pulled me from peasant/slave status and made me His

  • He gave me clothing
  • He gave me food for nourishment
  • He surrounded me with teachings  about my Loving Father
  • He taught me His ways and His truths

Then He gave me tasks to complete in His kingdom.

He presented me as a helper for one of His sons (yeah, the marriage thing is a little wonky here!)

  • To help him
  • To serve him
  • To have his children – to teach and share the love of the Father with  them as well
  • And … To love

The Father King provided a large cottage for us to use so we can live in the kingdom and do the tasks He asked us to accomplish. Ours is an older home, but it’s warm and convenient for the location of the tasks he’s given to us.

The there’s Jesus as my LORD in the kingdom:

  • He saved me as my knight. Thus when he comes around, every knee bows. (Philippians 2:9-11)
  • We need to confess what He has done to others out of love and gratitude and joy! (Romans 10:9-10)
  • And we do whatever he says (Luke 6:46)
  • … To be used for righteousness (being right with Him) for the Father King because of the grace we have received (Rom 6:14-16)

My primary thoughts for today:

  • How can I spend more time with my Daddy personally?
  • How can we chat so I can learn more about His heart?
  • What does He want to say to me specifically?

Death_to_stock_Marzocco_Coffee_4Sometimes I sit and pretend that God and I are at a coffee shop chatting. I ask myself, “What would God say if He were physically here with me right now?” Then I write it down. It usually works when I take time to do it, but it stretches me to really think. For some reason it’s a lot easier just read the Bible, take a Bible Study, or listen to a sermon. But I KNOW He has other things He wants to say to me! So I want to take more time for our coffee shop talks.




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Peasant to Princess

February 18, 2016 by jennifer

This morning I was reading verses about God being our Savior.

My FAVORITE way to picture Jesus is as a Knight in Shining Armor and God the Father as the King over the best kingdom and castle ever. 15785-celtic-sword-1920x1200-photography-wallpaper

I have this picture of me – as a peasant, sitting in the mud, about to die for the crimes I have committed. And here comes Jesus as MY knight in shining armor! He picks me up, puts me on His horse, and sends me to His castle to become an adopted daughter of the KING.  (I tried to find a photo, but nothing looks as I visualize in my mind.)

Jesus stayed behind to receive the punishment and pain for my crimes – death.

But then a few days later, He comes riding up to the castle to be celebrated! The people rejoice that Jesus is free and safe and that He conquered death. And we have a banquet to celebrate that He is alive and that the King has a new daughter!


And then Jesus goes back out to find another son or daughter for the King…


A few thoughts I wondered:

  1. Do I act as I am still a peasant or do I act like a true daughter of the King?
  2. When I go about my tasks, do I do them as if they were given to me by my King who is also my Father?
  3. Do I dress in a way (in my clothing and attitude) that shows that I respect my Father, the King?
  4. Do I remember the payment that Jesus made for me? The pain and separation He had to suffer just for me?
  5. Do I celebrate when another child is adopted into the kingdom? Am I willing to love and support him or her?
  6. Do I have a joy that comes with knowing the King of all Kings that makes others want to be adopted or encourages others that have already been adopted?

Although I did nothing to be worthy to be a daughter of the King, now that I am, I pray that my life will reflect the wonderful environment that surrounds me every day and that I will become my like my Father.

Ephesians 2:4-5 (NKJV) “But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us,even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved)”

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A Day in the Life of 40

July 22, 2015 by jennifer

Yesterday was my birthday. Yep. I’m now 40!

Actually, in spirit, I’ve always been 40. Matthew’s hoping that now that my age matches my spirit, I’ll start to act younger! It’s a good thing to consider.

Although yesterday was not a typical day, I thought it would be fun to have a little marker of what like is/was like at this point. I wish I had this over the year to see God’s goodness and how much life has changed or stayed the same.

So here we go! A Day in the Life of 40…

Photo Jul 21, 8 46 44 AM

Oops! Woke up an hour late! Thank you, Matthew, for waking me up on this busy day!

Photo Jul 21, 8 47 32 AM

Time for Devotions! I recommend this study!

Photo Jul 21, 8 47 44 AM

Ok. So I started this study back in January! But I’m still working my way through it. Evan a page or 2 per day is challenging and worthwhile!

Photo Jul 21, 8 59 27 AM

Not sure how or when Matthew took this one. Focus!












Photo Jul 21, 9 16 39 AM

Pastor Pat said God was calling us to fight our battle with Worship and Praise this week. As in the days of the Battle of Jericho, we are to go out with worship and praise, and then God fights the battle!


Photo Jul 21, 9 22 33 AM

Acne-fighting moisturize AND Hormones?!? And don’t forget all that whitening toothpaste! This part of 40 confuses me…


Photo Jul 21, 9 44 56 AM

Since I woke up late, no time for my morning walk or Callanetics (anyone else remember those???) So jumping into the caffeine – yes, Earl Grey. That way I can skip the sugar and creamer calories and keep all the caffeine!


Photo Jul 21, 9 46 24 AM

Don’t forget to smell the roses!


Photo Jul 21, 9 42 51 AM

Oops! forgot to start the dryer. Hit the start button and go get to work!


Photo Jul 21, 9 51 43 AM

Jumping right into work today. Today’s project is for a church event this weekend. A couple of hours of this project and then off to some birthday fun!


Photo Jul 21, 12 34 59 PM

Ugh. Computer too slow. Time for a restart! And cup #2 of tea!


Photo Jul 21, 12 13 36 PM

Now to check out all those loving posts from friends and family with birthday blessings! I’ll take them!!! 


Photo Jul 21, 11 43 50 AM

And now, I can finally read my email! Whew! Super busy morning! Email normally comes first at the computer, but today was wonky.


Photo Jul 21, 12 42 40 PM

Laundry, laundry, laundry.


Photo Jul 21, 11 15 18 PM

I decide that I really should go for my semi-annual haircut, and then this happened…


Photo Jul 21, 3 38 52 PM

Yes, I DID get that hair trim. No crazy changes. Few inches cut off, a little tapering, layering and a few side wisps that had disappeared. The stylist said my last cut was 47 weeks ago! Time to curl it for date night!


Photo Jul 21, 5 01 05 PM

Time for date night! And the sun is shining brightly!


Photo Jul 21, 5 12 54 PM

Sakuras – yum yum! (Did you see what I did??) We had the entire restaurant to ourselves! Normally we like to go with a group of people, but I thought I wanted Chimichangas for dinner. Then I changed my mind 30 minutes before Matthew got home from work so we did not have time to ask a group of people to join us. But we still had a great time!


Photo Jul 21, 8 15 46 PM

Hallmark, Target (Of course!) and a quick trip to Ross for a couple of dresses. And the latest Terminator movie. The theatre was also pretty sparse.


Photo Jul 21, 10 50 26 PM

On our way home… Could not think of a dessert place that would still be open, so we just listened to the “Oldies” station – you know – those songs from the 80s… I could not get a photo of the moon, but it was pretty!


Photo Jul 22, 12 11 27 AM

And finally the big purchase – at 40, it’s now or never!!!


Photo Jul 21, 11 13 13 PM

Yawn… Thanks for letting me share my day! I think 40 is going to be great!

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My Kid’s at College

July 4, 2015 by jennifer

1508148_1602430646711180_5678915421029013174_nSo MacKenzie has been gone for four weeks. FOUR WEEKS!  We dropped her off at Pensacola Christian College and probably will not see her until Christmas break. I’m really beginning to miss her.

Here’s Matthew’s blog post from right after we dropped her off. I can’t read it. IT makes me cry:

Now, I’m not very emotional so I’ve felt bad when people would ask me how I was handling her being gone. I’ve been fine.

Part of this is because although she left, she did not start college immediately. She graduated on the 23rd of May and then we left home on the 28th to take her to school. No time to stress or worry. It was about last moments together. A trip to the movies. A trip to the zoo. Final packing. Final favorite foods. And once we got her unpacked and a couple trips to the store for “just a few more items,” we said our

But it’s been more like she’s at camp this summer. She’s working in the ABeka Warehouse 7am – 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Then she’s been “hanging with friends” every night and weekend. Ice skating, roller skating, bowling, card games, talking about books, fixing IT problems, listening to struggles of other freshmen, and going to the mall and beach.  It’s a pretty good way to spend the summer earning tuition for college!

The few struggles I have heard about have to do with papercuts all over her hands (Baby, I’m looking into gloves!) and lack of variety in the food on campus. Now I think that’s lack of variety in the food she will eat, but I do know that the food options are lessened during the summer. IF you’re interested in sending her gift cards for food, here’s the link to the local mall that she probably eats at the most when off campus: .

I’m finally really missing her. She called last week and talked for over an hour about nothing special. I loved it! Then she called a couple night ago to check on her sisters. I told her to call them next time – that although it does not seem like they miss her, they still do. They miss another girl to brainstorm levelheaded ideas. And sometimes Mom just does not cut it.Photo Jun 06, 5 21 10 PM

I try not to stalk her facebook wall, but I check it about twice a day. She does not post much. Luckily, a few of her friends post more and like to tag her. I’m collected all my photos from her girlfriends on campus! (Thank you girls! Keep it up!)

While all this has been happening with my oldest, the other two have also had major life moments. My “baby” turned 13. My middle girl got her learner’s permit and took a class about college and how to get there. She “gets it” now. The need for higher grades. The need to do well on the SATs. The purpose of staying on track with lessons so she can graduate in a short 2 years. This last month has been quite an eye opener.Photo Jun 11, 11 43 09 AM


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April 5, 2015 by jennifer

Matthew, MacKenzie, and I have been enjoying our Pensacola Christian College road trip! We left Wednesday morning for Pensacola, Florida. We made it to Atlanta Wednesday night. We drove the rest of the way today and made it to campus by 1 pm. Along the way, we are learning quite a few things about college visit road trips.

1. IF you decide to stop outside a city for a long dinner to allow rush hour traffic to dwindle, do not stop for Hibachi Steak and Chicken. A. You wont be able to eat it all. B. You’ll probably go over your budget. C. You might spill your leftovers all over the back of your car that was just detailed and on all your luggage.roadtrip

2. Don’t settle for just ANY gas station coffee. Wait untill you eventually find that WaWa, Starbucks, or other favorite shop.

3. Find out what time the side gates of the college close so you don’t have to walk 4x as far to get back to your hotel room.

4. No one else can drive as well as you. It’s just a fact you’ll have to deal with –  with a blanket over your head, constant prayer, read a book, or playing Two Dots.

5. If you don’t book your room in advance, make sure there are plenty of other hotels that you would be willing to stay at in the area.

6. Bring an extra smart casual shirt that matches everything. Just in case any of the yum-yum sauce or hairspray gets all over you. Or your shirt makes you look like you just stepped out of the 80s.

7. Plan extra for food.

8. Even if you don’t think you’re in the sun, put sunscreen on anyway!!! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

9. Don’t drive the wrong way on the one-way road you don’t know. That could be really dangerous…

10.. Fly if you can! Just skip the 18 hours in the car and all the car stops. Skip the bumper to bumper traffic and 18 wheelers. Skip the hundreds of miles of nothing to look at. But only skip it if you made the trip at least once. That way you’ll know what you’re “missing.”

I want to thank Jesus for taking care of us. All those hours. All three of us driving. Thousands of cars all going their own places and their own speed. I was almost nicked twice by cars zipping through traffic and came inches between a tractor trailer and me. Twice! I can’t imagine how much the angels were protecting us on this trip. It’s just part of our story that our pastor challenged us to share today during the Easter service. Obviously Christ is not done with us yet!

We finished our trip and I have a few more:

1. Bring your personal fan. You never know if the hotel has a “fan always on” button. And you don’t want to hear your neighbor coughing all night or worry that they can hear your hubby snoring all night either!

2. You can only play word association for about 1.5 hours before you run out of words to use – especially if you have been driving for 13 hours already.

3. I have a note about “Check alarm.” I don’t know what that means. We were never late. Well, only because of a time change between Georgia and Alabama, but I’m sure it’s important.

4. You are very, very blessed if you have parents that watched your other kids, took them shopping, and made Easter dinner for you to enjoy at the end of your trip!


And for the rest of our trip, you can check out #PCCRoadTrip.


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Letting Go and Letting God

February 20, 2015 by jennifer

Trying to be the ever so meticulous mom and cover all the angles, yours truly has printed out the marketing degree from PCC and compared which classes would transfer to Liberty in case of an emergency There’s quite a few…. but MOST are in the Junior year. And if you make it through the junior year, then the 4th year is free.

Then I printed out the marketing degree that Liberty offers and tried to match up which classes that will transfer are actually on the Liberty degree — not many.

So this is basically an all or nothing opportunity. If my oldest starts PCC but does not like it or does not like being so far from home, then we’re basically out most of the money.  However, at $8K per year, I think it’s worth it! If nothing else, she will not be in debt if she has to leave. She can earn over 1/3 of the tuition during the summer and work 10 hours during the school year to pay for even more.

So as a mom, what’s my biggest concern? Our church is more charismatic.  See the PCC Service – scripture based and lots of music — just different music. It also seems that the church is made up of college students and retired people. I don’t see many people in between and it’s important to spend time with people at every stage of life.

My day is filled with bubbly praise music and I have yet to see much bubbly praise. Scripture says, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Shout unto God with a voice of triumph.” You can hear the Lord speaking through the sermons, through hymns, through prayer, through Scripture reading, through friends, etc… But there is also something powerful that gets you though a stressful day when you’re allowed to jump up give praise and thanks to Jesus! My prayer is that the Joy of Christ will be evident in a more reserved environment.

Children Playing

We hope to visit the campus next month.

In the meantime, my next assignment besides finding the cost of everything she needs to buy, is to find praise and worship music that will be approved by the school and not considered “contemporary Christian.” Lucky for me, Kinsey actually likes hymns!



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Adulthood, So Soon???

February 6, 2015 by jennifer

So about 2 weeks ago, my oldest, who graduates high school  in 4 months, comes home from a Senior outing and says, “I think I want to go to Pensacola Christian College.”

This came as an utter surprise! We were planning on our local community college for the first 2 years. We had not even begun to look at college applications, financial aid, or testing.

So we spent the first week reading the ENTIRE website. The second week she jumps in and sends the initial application, asks a few people for recommendations, and tells me to get her immunization record in order.

I thought about having my youngest attend this conservative Christian college, but I had not even considered it for my first little girl!!

This is my video game playing, Piano Guys listening, jean wearing 17 year old! But the more she researches, the more she is committed to make this work if she’s accepted.

There are plenty of advantages to sending my homeschooled 17 year old to a school with conservative rules, dress code, chapel every day, and weekly accountability!

We still have a long way to go and we’re still praying for God’s best plan for all of us. We have a trip planned to visit next month to visit and to get our questions answered.  Feel free to pray with us that God’s perfect will will be revealed and agreed upon with all of us!

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